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The Shocking Truth About CBD Oil

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Hi everyone this is Jacob deLeon, long time cannabis user, cbd specialist, and arthritis survivor, in this post I am gonna show you what CBD is and the shocking benefits of using it

CBD AKA cannabidiol is non psychoactive, which means that it will not make you feel high but at the same time it contains all the amaizing benefits of the cannabis plant.

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant and is just one of over 65 different compounds present in cannabis. CBD or cannabidiol is present in cannabis in very high concentrations along with THC which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis and which will make you high.

CBD is healing and at the same time non psychoactive which is great because of it’s lack of attraction to cb1 receptors in the nervous system – which are the receptors that cause a high experience

There are two different types of cannabinoid receptors in the body and they are cb1 and cb2. The CB1 are found in the immune system and CB2 receptors are mainly found on white blood cells, in the tonsils and in the spleen.

cb1 receptors are responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Although these receptors are fewer than cb2 they can affect important functions like memory, mood sleep and pain.

cb2 receptors have anti-inflammatory effects which makes CBD a great natural healing agent and a great immune booster

CBD has been scientifically proven to be super beneficial in the treatment of wide variety of health conditions such as anxiety, alzheimer’s, anorexia, arthritis, asthma, autism, cancer, depression, diabetes, epilepsy and seizures, heart disease, inflammation, IBS, kidney disease, liver disease, metabolic syndrome, migraines, multiple sclerosis (ms), nausea, neurodegeneration, chronic pain, obesity, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, prion/mad cow disease, ptsd, rheumatism, schizophrenia, skin conditions, sleep disorders, spinal cord injury stress, stroke and even more…

As you can clearly see CBD is a great health aid and if you find the right CBD it will without a doubd help you heal many of these conditions

The problem is, there are many CBD oil companies which produce not a high quality CBD oil and unfortunately spread a lot of simply bad information. So how do you find the best CBD oil which will help you with your specific health condition?

I’ll answer that question and will talk more about that later, but first let’s see what else can CBD do for you.

A high quality organic CBD is completely safe and is absolutely non addictive.

Now, many people ask me what exactly is the difference between between CBD and THC and is CBD as effective as THC

First of all THC which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol is the most prominent psychoactive compound in the plant called marijuana, it’s the actual compound that makes you really high.

CBD or cannabinol is another compound found in marijuana and it’s around 50 percent of the cannabis extract.

THC as well as CBD both compounds have a great healing effects and many people are confused which one is better and whether or not CBD is as effective as THC.

The fact of the matter is both are good but as THC is unfortunately not legal in the most part of the world, people are forced to do an extract with only CBD.

CBD is extracted as an oil from the cannabis plant and comes in various

concentrations and forms and even without the THC heals many diseases as I have mentioned at the beginning of this video.

Look no further it has helped me tremendously with my condition.

CBD is most commonly taken orally in the form of an oil although there are manufacturers that make them as pills or liquid tincture which I am not a fan of, you can also find them as vaporizers or even sprayed directly in the mouth.

The dosage of CBD oil is usually different and it varies from person to person but from my experience I would recommend to start small and gradually increase untill you experience the desired result.

I would start with 3 drops 3 times daily before meals and depending on how you feel, you may increase to 5 or to even 8 drops 3 times per day.

Also it is good for you to know that CBD oil is not just only good to treat health conditions, but to also prevent them. Unfortunately people are generally careless by nature and unless there is a pain involved in their lives they don’t think of prevention. And that’s a shame to be honest.

The good news is that anyone can greatly benefit from taking a good CBD oil even if he or she is not ill.

That’s because a good organic pure CBD oil will help you to sleep well and reduce stress and anxiety, and also act as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and we all know that stress and inflammation are the cause of the most diseases out there.

There is something else which is sort like a paradox. Even after all those years there is still NO scientific studies showing that CBD oil have any negative side effects, even if you take it daily all your life. On the contrary, every day there are more and more proof showing that CBD oil is one of the best things happened to humanity today. And even after all this proof there are still people who try to vilify cannabis and to illegalize it. Big pharma and the DEA are a living proof of that.

Now as I mentioned before there are few problems regarding CBD oil

As more and more scientific studies are released on the benefits of CBD oil more and more products will continue to flood the market, which will inevitably cause many low quality CBD products.

When you are looking for a high quality and highly effective pure CBD oil you must take into consideration various points like where and how were the cannabis plants grown, how was the CBD oil extracted, and where it was stored and for how long before it came to your door.

The really bad news is that about 95% of CBD oil companies out there on the market today are low quality and therefore ineffective, they can even be dangerous because of pesticides and ineffective extraction methods.

So with that said, how do you find a high quality and pristine CBD oil.

I cannot speak about other companies but the company me and my family have been using for many many years, and I would personally recommend is ReviveNatural. I have been using and continue to use their oil, and it has helped me and many of my family and friends for many many years. You can find it at ReviveNatural.com. I know from a personal experience that their oil is the highest quality, and its pure and super effective. If I had to recommend it to anyone including my family all over again I will do it on a heartbeat.

Thank you for reading this post, leave your interesting and creative comments below

I wish you happiness and wellbeing

I’ll talk to you soon

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