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(Shock) Mike Tyson Breaks Ground on 40 Acre Marijuana CBD Oil Farm

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If you have been even slightly interested in Cannabis oil, you may be have heard the news:

According to several different sources like the Daily mail and the Blast, the former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson broke ground last month on a facility in the California desert that will grow high-quality weed in order to produce several products derived from cannabis including CBD oil.

The Tyson Ranch is slated to take up 40 acres of land in California City, just 60 miles southwest of Death Valley

Tyson is reportedly a believer in the medicinal and healing qualities of cannabis and marijuana. That is why his ranch will also seek to advance research into the potential benefits of medicinal marijuana, specifically CBD oil.

The business venture will seek to capitalize on the legalization of cannabis oil in the State, which went into effect on New Year’s Day

Now why is that important for you as a CBD user, you may or may not like Mike Tyson, but the fact that so many people including famous people like him, jump into the CBD industry screams something very loudly, and that is that if so many people want to grow cannabis and produce CBD oil is because its demand is growing every single day, why, well simply because it works, if it didn’t work, people would not be interested in it and in my opinion and not only in my opinion as you can see it will continue to grow.

According to Fortune, sales of legal marijuana in North America approached $10billion in 2017, a 33-percent improvement over the previous year. And according to Forbes With California’s entry into the legal cannabis market, sales could reach an estimated $24.5billion by 2021

I have been involved in cannabis and have been taking cannabis oil for well over 15 years now and can speak from personal experience, 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. I was devastated, I was happy with my life, I have a beautiful wife I love my 2 children but, I knew right then that the dreadful news the doctor gave me was going to impact as an asteroid on my life. And it did.

Long story short after I discovered CBD oil my situation went from around-the-clock agony to completely gone in just 25 days! In 3 months I was completely cured, there was no sign of aches, sprains and strains and even any minor annoyance.

Thank you for watching this video, if you would like to know where to buy the best quality CBD oil which works now days you can read my full story at my website WhereToBuyCannabisOil.org where I share many inspirational CBD oil stories and recommend the best CBD oil.

I am Jacob deLeon, if you think this post has helped you leave a comment below;

I wish you happiness and wellbeing

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ARMANDO RIVAS - August 30, 2018 Reply

cuantas gotas se deben tomar y y como, cuanto tiempo pra controlar el azucar.
o curar.

wheretobuycbd - October 29, 2018 Reply

3-5 gotas 3 veces al dia. Un saludo. Jacobo

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