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Man Forced To Choose Medical Marijuana And His Fiancée

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Hi everyone this is Jacob De Leon cannabis grower, CBD oil specialist and arthritis survivor, now,

The other day I stumbled upon 2 articles one on LA times and the other in Daily mail, I’ll read you from the first one you can find the link below, to see what am I talking about, and you be the judge, whether you approve that or you are against it.


A young man by the name of Brian Stoll wanted to get married and he wanted to do it in the church he was a member, but, as for more than a year, he had been smoking marijuana to treat severe back pain, and in order to remain in good standing with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and get married in the temple, they told him he had to stop using it or else he wouldn’t be allowed to get married.

And let me know into the comment section below what would you do if you were in a similar situation? Would you continue to use marijuana to treat your pain or would you stop…

Now here’s the outrageous part…

And it reads;

Since marijuana was illegal under Utah law, church leaders told him, it was forbidden. Stoll turned to an opioid painkiller and has continued using it since his marriage three years ago, despite horrific side effects and its inability to match the soothing qualities of marijuana. Well of course it won’t match them…

He said that “This was devastating … I had to choose between my health and my fiancée”.

How cool is that…

Now what are those people thinking, just let the man have his medicine for God’s sake, its natural, it works, it is benign, doesn’t lead to violence like they want you to believe…all the contrary it has been proved many times over that marijuana makes you more peaceful, calm and serene, what more proof do you need, and instead…they are forcing him to use opiates painkillers which not only don’t work as well but they turn you into a zombie and a junkie and have horrendous side effects,

This doesn’t make sense at all, hashtag idiocy and sin…the stupid opiates should be prohibited and marijuana and CBD should be proliferated and prescribed like crazy and let be used freely by everyone.

Don’t these people learned their lessons already, I mean opiates… they are so dangerous and ineffective, now here’s the other article;

Which says

France and Italy have closed it, but Britain hasn’t: The EU loophole that means dangerous painkillers are doled out at the click of a mouse

Really what’s that all about…and then basically goes to say how a young man by the name of Richard Breatnach was very successful in his professional career and happy with his family and was killed by doctors who prescribed him opiates online…now this is absolutely not an isolated case I have sounded the alarm in other of my videos and explained how dangerous these prescription drugs are and they kill millions of people a year, and how 0 people are killed by marijuana and or CBD oil…

Which one should be legal and which one should be prosecuted, I leave it for you to decide.

Let me know what you think into the comment section below

I am Jacob deLeon, if you think this video has helped you like and subscribe for more;

I wish you happiness and wellbeing

I’ll talk to you soon

Watch it in video;

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