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CBD Oil For Pain – (Best CBD Oil For Pain Relief)

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Hi everyone this is Jacob, today I will talk about how you can use CBD oil to eliminate your pain be there chronic pain or any other kind of pain including trauma or injury.

People who don’t know about CBD oil consider only very few options like pharmaceutical drugs to treat their pain and was you already know these drugs like OxyContin, Methadone, Morphine and Fentanyl etc could have a devastating side effects for your body and mind not to mention the danger of addiction. + today developed countries like America have a major opiate problem, and the thing I will mention in this video will help you avoid all this and get relief from your pain quickly effortlessly and with the least amount of human effort possible

CBD oil is as a safe and effective alternative to opiates for natural pain relief. It has been used not only for pain relief but for many other ailments since thousands of years by ancient civilizeations like India, the Roman or the Egyptian Empires.

Although Hemp-derived products like CBD oil were legalized under the 2014 Farm Bill unfortunately they will not be prescribed by your doctor. Many doctors remain opposed to cannabis-derived medicine, despite scientific research which shows that CBD has powerful pain relieving properties, especially for sports injuries. And this goes back to money.

Big pharma and the government are absolutely against safe and effective pain relief remedies like CBD oil and they do not care about your wellbeing but only to their bottom line. For them you are not a human being with feelings and desires but just a number on a sales chart. The more people get pain and then get addicted to their drugs, the more people will buy more and more the more money they will make.

This doesn’t stop just with pain relief, this is true about cancer, diabetes, IBS, stress and much more.

For example did you know that the same chemical that are poured into the body of a cancer patient through chemotherapy his the same chemical that is being used for chemical weapons in WW1 and WW2 – is called a mustard gas. Would you be agree to treat yourself with that? What kind of healing result do you think you will get from this?

In fact the result of chemotherapy healing is worse than abysmal and has been discovered that the people who are so called healed from it, would be actually healed anyway, even if they wouldn’t get the chemo.

Where with CBD oil the recovery is almost a 100% and it has been proven that there is absolutely no side effects. Do you think big pharma will allow this to be available freely after knowing that this will absolutely devastate their profits and bottom line? I mean who cares about your health and wellbeing when there is money to be made.

Now back to CBD, there are different kinds of CBDs out there and despite that is quite effective not only for pain relief but for many other ailments as well you need to be careful when choosing your CBD oil.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best CBD oil for pain and also use it for any other kind of conditions, you may have;

First not all CBD oils are created equal!

Many companies out there will sell you a low quality oil which it’s not even a real CBD…

First you need to understand that cannabis pulls environmental toxins from the soil and Must Be Grown in Pristine Conditions without use of any pesticides and other chemicals.

The CBD oil I use for more than 15 years is called ReviveNatural and it’s the CBD oil that healed my arthritis back in 2003. You can find it at www.ReviveNatural.com

This company was founded by Liam O’Connell who after unsuccessful chemo treatment (no surprise there) his doctors just send him home to die. You can read his fascinating story also below I will include a link into the description.

He grows his cannabis crops in the mountains in sierra de Guadarrama in Spain, Where The Air And Water Are Clean And The Soil Is Mineral Rich

He Only Harvest Small Batches which are handpicked, to produce the Highest Quality CBD Oil. No chemicals are used – EVER!…

Second is oil extraction

Extraction Must Be Performed In A Special Way in order to maintain plant integrity

Many companies will not tell you that in order to cut costs, they use chemical extraction methods, like butane or pentane which not only strips the plant of vital nutrients…

…but will also leave toxin residue in the oil

Liam from ReviveNatural ony uses co2 extraction which is the best method. It’s more expensive but he says that it will give the patient the healing effects that they desire…

Third, oil strength and effectiveness. Or percentage of the CBD oil…

Not many people know this, but the higher the percentage of the CBD oil the higher the healing effect…

A good percentage of a CBD is 15-25%, this is one of the highest in the market and it will be very potent

However a pure 15-25% CBD oil can be quite expensive due to its potency….

But as the mission of Liam has been to help as many people as possible you can often get the 16 and even 25% CBD oil for a fraction of the price other companies sell

Now you know that truth about CBD oil and what is the best effective CBD oil for pain relief,

I am Jacob deLeon, if you think this article has helped you leave your interesting and creative comment below;

I wish you happiness and well-being

I’ll talk to you soon

See it in video:

Laim’s ReviveNartural website: ReviveNatural.com

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